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Kortisol är ett hormon som även kallas för "stresshormon" som produceras av binjurarna. Kortisol har en mängd olika funktioner där det i akuta stress-​situationer. Med hjälp av en hormontest kan du få en analys av dina hormoner och råd inte på att bli galen du kan helt enkelt ha en hormonell obalans! Vi kommer inte heller kunna jämföra olika testresultat med varandra i olika hormon-kontroller för en mer heltäckande bedömning, diagnos eller orsaksförklaring. more help on which saliva test(s) to order There are suggestions after each Symptom Group above, but if you're still confused, try these guidelines: If you haven't had a saliva hormone level test before, or you fit into more than one category above, it's ideal if you can get "The Works," Female/Male Saliva Profile III to give you the big picture. The best of both DUTCH test kits. For symptomatic women who need to not only understand their hormon.. 6,kr. Add to Cart. DUTCH Plus. The DUTCH Plus™ takes hormone testing to a new level. In addition to sex hormones and their metaboli.. 5,kr. Benefits of a Hormonal Imbalance Test. Imbalanced hormones can wreak havoc on your body. An imbalance, which occurs when your bloodstream contains either too much or too little of a particular type of hormone, often has a rippling effect throughout other systems.

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